Margo Millette

For the Love of Data

Driven by a love of data, Margo has made a career of making complicated simple and actionable. Momentum Analytics brings together a love of sport and recreation, data analysis, research skills and the curiosity for the insight solid data analysis can provide. 

Margo graduated from Lakehead University with degrees in Honours Bachelor or Outdoor Recreation and Bachelor of Science in Natural Science in 2000. Her career as a wilderness guide and outdoor environmental educator fuelled her love of the outdoors. This led to four 50 to 100 day canoe expeditions travelling through Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Alaska. It was on these expeditions that Margo’s keen eye for efficient travel on rivers developed. She continued her studies obtaining a Masters of Arts degree in Physical Education and Recreation in 2005. She moved to Whitehorse, Yukon where she worked for the 2007 Canada Winter Games and Yukon Tourism before settling into a long career as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. 

Her love of data and data analysis began while completing her degrees. It flourished as more skills, methods and techniques were learned while working in the Criminal Intelligence field. After leaving the field in 2020, she decided to unite her passions for sport, recreation, outdoors and data to form Momentum Analytics. 

The Yukon River Quest

The Yukon River Quest captured Margo’s focus after she stepped into an 8 person voyageur team last minute in 2015. This started a journey of racing faster through data analytics, multiple scouting trips down the Yukon River, and a focus on the details that make fast racers fast. Margo saw the benefits in 2016, shaving off a significant amount of time with only a few small changes in the 8 person voyageur canoe. She paddled to a first place finish in the women’s tandem canoe category with a time of 51 hours in 2017. She was the women’s solo canoe record holder from 2018 to 2022. In 2019, she pulled out of the race due to her partner suffering from sea sickness. Much was learned from this DNF. The Race to the Klondike from Carmacks to Dawson in 2021 saw her finish with a very fast time in a mixed tandem canoe. In the 2022 Yukon River Quest, Margo and Anjeanette LeMay paddled their way to a new women’s tandem canoe record and a first place finish in the category with a time of 47 hours and 34 min. Over the years, she paddled multiple scouting runs of the Yukon River on a SUP board.  

Margo raced in the Texas Winter 100 in 2014 and the Muskoka River X in 2018.