Sport Organizations and Events

The Momentum Analytics Difference

Turning complex and unorganized information into meaningful insights and actionable findings through data analysis. 

Mountains of information are collected by companies and organizations in today’s world. Momentum Analytics specializes in finding meaning and insights from collected information through a combination of quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques. Robust and comprehensive data analysis techniques provide sound and objective insights, combining the objective aspects that numbers provide and subjective human experience

Data Analysis for Sport Organizations and Events

Sport organizations and events can greatly benefit from incorporating a data analysis component. Data analysis often provides a richer and deeper understanding of patterns and trends occurring within organizations or events.  This knowledge is beneficial in making more informed and objective decisions.

Sport organization, for example, may be interested in funding allocation. An analysis focused on specific aspects of membership may reveal gaps in service levels where additional funding would be beneficial for the organization’s long term objectives. An analysis of race data where trackers are used to track athletes and teams can provide insights on racer movement patterns and trends over multiple years of the event. This information can then be used for volunteer and staff allocation at different locations along the race route. The process may reveal areas in which physical assets can be used more efficiently, thus saving money.  

These examples are just a few of many possibilities. Leverage information that exists within your sport organization or event to gain valuable insights, provide answers to complex problems, and to support decision making and planning processes Contact Momentum Analytics to learn how data analytics can benefit your organization or event.

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