Yukon River Quest

@Harry Kern 2017

Finish Faster without Paddling Faster

Gain local knowledge, race insider information, and benefit from years of applying data analytics to the pursuit of racing faster. Work with Margo Millette, a successful and experienced Yukon River Quest athlete, to reach your race goals.   

Yukon River Quest First Timer

Gain valuable information to make your first Yukon River Quest hurt less in this 2 hour introduction session.

  • Overview of the race route
  • Tips and tricks for reading the river
  • Self-care strategies including clothing, gear, and food 
  • Considerations for solo vs teams 
  • Ask an experienced local racer anything race related

Custom Sessions

Discover and hone the range of skills, knowledge and strategies for a faster and successful race. 

  • Route details, strategy and travel time estimates
  • Tips and tricks for reading and following the current
  • Better energy management for individuals and teams, including energy output, pacing and eating while paddling. 
  • Systems for managing clothing, gear, and self-care to avoid the energy bonk. 
  • Strategies for maximizing boat speed, stroke rate and boat movement.
  • Analysis of previous races with recommendations for paddling a faster race.
  • Strategic race plans
  • Ask an experienced local racer anything race related

Book a Yukon River Quest First Timer session or Custom sessions for you or your team today. Rates from $100 to $150 per hour depending on team size and number of sessions. Virtual and in person sessions available. 


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